Revamp Your Home In 2012 With An All New Bathroom and Electric Underfloor Heating

The New Year is just around the corner and with it comes fantastic new possibilities to revamp the home. Kick off 2012 with the resolution to spruce up your home and also change the décor from dull to stylish. Cash is tight nowadays but it doesn’t need to cost a bomb to put in some style into a home. If the house has been forgotten for a particular amount of years, wallpaper may peel off and cracks can start to appear. But a handful of home improvement projects and some TLC can install the character into the home as well as boost the value. So let imaginations flow and restore the bathroom into a haven with new shower enclosures.
A brand new bathroom isn’t just a room in the house for the kids to wash in. It can also be a sanctuary for the parents to wash in with a nice glass of red wine whenever stressed. Start 2012 calm with available living space to escape to when a little alone time is needed. And quality electric under floor heating is ideal to help keep toes warm when stepping out of a very nice piping hot shower.
is not just the inside of the house that can have an overhaul in the New Year. Start the new year by being eco-friendly and reducing your carbon footprint by fitting cheap solar panels on top of the roof to help generate electricity and heating.

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